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Assessing Your Housing Need

The aim of Kent Homechoice is to try and house those in the greatest housing need. Each of the 13 local authorities has its own housing allocations policy for lettings in their area. All of the councils in the scheme have a way of prioritising those in the greatest housing need using a banding system.

The general principles of the schemes are as follows:

Every application is placed into a band including all homeseekers and transfers, which helps to identify who most needs housing. The band that you will be placed in will be decided by a number of factors listed in each local authority lettings policy.

Applicants with the greatest housing need will be placed into Band A. Applicants with a lower housing need will be placed in a lower band. Within each band the length of time you have waited will be taken into account. 

Maidstone Council’s scheme varies in that they use a quota system for the number of properties advertised for each band. 

Most Councils now only allow applications from those who can show a local connection to their area. Some will prioritise those who work or otherwise contribute to the community, such as ex-service personnel. Applications will usually be assessed on personal income and savings. Please view the policies below for more information on the assessment criteria.

Links to Housing Allocation Policies

We have added a link to each Council's website below from which you will be able to access their allocations policy.

All Kent Homechoice partners have a limited amount of social housing compared to the demand for housing in the area. In view of this only those in the highest priority are likely to be successful via the Kent Homechoice system. Further information about alternative housing options is provided in the housing options section.