Frequently asked questions about completing a change of circumstance form

How do I tell you about a change of circumstances?

You will need to log into your application first of all which you can do by going to and select ‘sign in’ and then select your Local Authority from the drop down followed by your email and password. 

You will then have an option to select a box titled ‘have your circumstances changed’.  If you click on this box you will be sent a verification email to the email address that you used to login with.

When you click on the link in the email you will be taken straight into the change of circumstance form.

If you applied since 1st September 2020

If you have filled out a new application online or a change of circumstance since 1st September then you will be presented with a copy of the form that you last completed and you will only be asked to amend the parts of the form and your situation that have changed.

If you applied before 1st September 2020

If you applied before 1st September 2020 you will be asked to fill out a new online form but you will not be asked to do so again in the future if your circumstances change.

Why do I have to click a link from my email

This is a verification stage that we have put in to ensure that only the applicant themselves can view their data.

I haven’t received my verification email

If the email has not appeared in your inbox then you will need to check both your junk and spam mail to see which box it has gone into.

Do I need to upload any documents?

Yes, if your circumstances have changed you may need to upload further documents to evidence and support your application.  You can do this at the end of the form.

If you are applying to Folkestone & Hythe Council you will need to email the documents in as they do not accept uploaded documents.

Will I still be able to bid once I have submitted a change of circumstance?

No, because your circumstances have changed officers at your Local Authority will need to reassess your application so you will not be able to bid until your application has been reassessed.

How quickly will my application be reassessed?

We try to do this as quickly as we can but because of the high volume of work it can take a few weeks for your application to be reassessed.

Can I save my application and come back to it?

No, unfortunately not, once you have started a change of circumstance form you will need to finish and submit it as there is not an option to save.