Frequently Asked Questions

How do I bid?

Go to the top right of the page and select 'sign in' and then select the Local Authority that you have applied to followed by your email and password.  Then choose the option Make A Bid at the top centre of your home page just below the Kent Homechoice logo.

I have registered an application but I can't log back into it.

You should be able to login by going to and select 'Sign in' and then select the Local Authority that you have applied to followed by your email and passwords.  Very often people will try to log back in using the link from their verification email but this will not work once the email has been verified and the applicaiton submitted.

I want to log back in to finish a partially completed application

If you have started your main application but have not yet submitted it you should select 'sign in' and then select 'continue with my application' followed by your email and password.

I want to upload some supporting documents

You can upload documents once you have logged into your application which you can do by selecting 'sign in' and then select the name of the Local Authoriity that you have applied to followed by yoru email and password.  Once you have loggeed in, if you scroll down you will see a link which will say 'click here to upload more evidences'

Where can I find the latest property list?

You can view all the properties available in each council area on the front page of the website. Below the wording 'property lists'  you can select the Council area that you wish to view the lists for using the drop down. Alternatively you can click on 'property lists' to see all of the properties available in Kent or you can filter this on the area that you are wanting to view. 

I can't seem to open the latest property list?

If you are unable to open the property list, it may be your personal computer or laptop is not allowing pop-ups from this website. A message will show below your toolbar saying pop-up blocked. If you click on this message you can choose the option 'Always allow pop-ups from this site'. Alternatively, you can choose to 'Turn Off Pop-up Blocker' within 'Tools' on your toolbar, but this will allow pop-ups from other sites too.

When can I bid?

All homes in Kent are advertised daily apart from homes in Canterbury which are advertised weekly on Wednesdays.

New properties will be added daily so you will need to check individual adverts for closing dates for bids. No priority is given to bids made earlier than others, as long as bids are received before the closing time. We will not consider letting the property until all valid bids have been received.

Do you have a mobile app?

From 31st March 2019 we will no longer provide a mobile app as the website can be saved to the homescreen of your mobile device and works like an app but provides additional information.  We are working to ensure that the results of your bids will be viewable on your mobile device as well as on the desktop version of our website.