Placing Bids

Here is some general information about daily bidding.

Bid deadline

Each advert will show the ‘Bidding Closes’ date. You will have until the end of this date to bid for the property.


You can bid via the website by logging into your application online.

Auto Bidding

If you do not have regular access to the internet or have anyone to assist you with placing your bids you can ask to be registered for auto bidding.  This means that the system will automatically place bids for you on the properties that you are eligible to bid on and in your areas of choice when the property advert closes.  It means that you will not miss out on any properties and that you do not need to login each week to see what properties are available.  Contact your Local Council if you wish to be set up for auto bidding

Need help bidding?

You can ask a friend, family member or support worker to bid on your behalf. Please contact your local council if you need help bidding or advice about the process. Bids can be made on the internet at or in person at your council offices.