Advert Icons

We use advert icons to provide a quick guide to the features of a property. Here's a guide to what they mean and some examples of the type of icons we use:

 A capital HBids accepted from homeseekers only


 A capital TBids accepted from Transferring Tenants only


 A capital H and TBids accepted from both Homeseekers and Transferring Tenants


 a bed and a number oneNumber of bedrooms. This example shows 1 bedroom. You will see other examples of 2, 3, 4 and 5


 An image of a person with the numbers 3 and 4Property is suitable for three to four people.  In this example the minimum is 3 and the maximum is 4


 The word floor with a capital G Property is on the ground floor


The word floor and the number fourProperty is on the fourth floor


An icon showing a family groupShowing that the property is suitable for families


 An arrow up and down with a standing person and one in a wheelchair below itThe property has a lift 


 An arrow up and down, a person standing and one in a wheelchair below with a line crossed throughThe property does not have a lift


 Icon stating 55 plusAge icons will tell you if the property is restricted by age. This example shows that the property is restricted to those over the age of 55.


 An image of 3 people with various disabilitiesA property that has adaptations that make it suited to an applicant with a disability


 Image of a black flowerThe property has access to an exclusive or shared garden


An image of a dogTo show whether or not pets are allowed

A capital L and CShowing that the property is suitable for people with a local connection to a village


Other information:
If a property is advertised stating subject to a local lettings plan this means that the council has worked with the landlord to agree that different criteria
will apply to this specific area when letting the property to ensure a more balanced community. To find out what rules apply please contact your local council.