Introductory Information About Kent Homechoice

Kent Homechoice is the choice based lettings scheme for all council and housing association homes in Kent.

Kent Homechoice gives you more choice about where you want to live and you have the chance to express an interest in vacant homes that are suitable for you.

Kent Homechoice will advertise all empty council and housing association homes that are available to let.  Properties are advertised daily on the internet with the exception of Canterbury who advertise properties weekly on a Wednesday.

Councils and housing associations in Kent Homechoice will generally only let empty properties to people who have made an expression of interest through Kent Homechoice. It also gives you a better idea of the properties available in your area. You can also view what level of priority the successful applicant had and how long they waited for a new home.

Everybody accepted onto a participating council’s housing register can take part and bid for homes in the council’s area. All homes that are advertised belong to either the council or a housing association. Each advert will confirm who the landlord of the available property is.

You will be able to see basic details about each property available. There is more information about the advertisements on the adverts information page.

We will provide feedback on previous properties that have been advertised so you will be able to see the band or points that the successful bidder for each property had.