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Bidding for homes is changing

What is changing?

We are changing from advertising homes on a fortnightly cycle to advertising homes daily.

All homes in Kent will be advertised daily apart from homes in Canterbury, which will be advertised weekly on Wednesdays. Please contact Canterbury City Council if you would like more information on their weekly bidding cycle.

When will this happen?

Daily adverts will commence from Friday 20 March 2015.

How will this affect me?

If you are registered for housing in Kent, you will need to check more regularly for any new property adverts that appear.

Will bidding still run from every second Friday to the following Wednesday?

No. Each advert will show the ‘Bidding Closes’ date. You will have until the end of this date to bid for the home.

How long will I have to bid on properties?

Each property advertised will be open for bidding for a minimum of five days.

How many bids will I have?

You are allowed to bid on up to three adverts at any one time.

How can I bid for homes?

You can bid using the website, by mobile app, by interactive TV or mobile using digital TV, by our text service or with assistance from relatives/friends/our staff.

Can I still bid by coupon?

No, this method will no longer be available.

Can I still bid by your telephone service?

No, this method will no longer be available.

Why are we changing bidding?

We want to advertise our homes as quickly as possible, so we can house people quicker. AmicusHorizon homes in Swale are currently advertised daily and we want to extend this service to all areas.

I currently have a freesheet sent to me every fortnight. Will this still happen?

No. We will no longer be able to send out freesheets as properties will be added all the time. You will still be able to view all the properties currently available by viewing the latest property list on the website.

I need help bidding. Who can I contact?

You can ask a friend, family member or support worker to bid on your behalf. Please contact your local council if you need help bidding or advice about the process. Contact details can be found here.